Mastering Difficult Conversations Virtual Program

Delivered on your desktop or mobile device …

  • Full price $499 AUD (concession pricing available)

  • Start with Session 1 which gives you valuable content you can apply immediately for $49. Then choose whether you purchase the remaining sessions for $450.

  • Live and interactive

  • All sessions hosted by an experienced facilitator

What’s included:

  • Four 2-hour sessions using the free Zoom video app

  • All workbooks and support resources

  • Unlimited access to facilitated follow-up sessions for 12 months

  • Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life eBook.

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Like a real workshop, you will be able to ask questions and discuss what you learn with an experienced facilitator and work with other participants in virtual break-out groups. This is so much more than a one-way Webinar - it is far more powerful and experiential and involves practical application between sessions to hone your skills.

We include free access to monthly follow-up sessions for a 12-month period once you complete all four workshop sessions.

In-house options

We can run this virtual program for your organisation, for your teams, or one-on-one development.

We can also deliver it face-to-face if that is your preference.

Contact us for details.

How it works

We understand you are probably busy so we want to give you the maximum flexibility. We have broken the workshop into four 2-hour sessions you can do from home, or work, and you can choose which sessions you attend. See the FAQ for details about how to purchase and register for your sessions.

In each workshop session you will:

  • Explore the science behind the art of having difficult conversations

  • Learn the practical processes necessary to ensure more successful conversations

  • Practice applying the processes in pairs and small groups

  • Plan actions you will take between sessions

  • Deepen your understanding through collective debriefing and exploration

Resources are provided to support you. You will also receive a free eBook copy of Choose Your Stories, Change Your Life by John Sautelle.

Session 1 - Understanding My Experience

This session provides a practical framework we can use to better understand how we create our experience and how that drives our actions.

Topics include:

  • What the research is saying about how we create our experience

  • Dr Gervase Bushe’s “Experience Cube” © and how to apply it

Session 2 - Managing Defensiveness

This session builds on and deepens the work carried out in session one.  The focus then shifts to one of the key factors that make conversations difficult - how we respond when something is said or done that triggers strong defensive reactions.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the survival circuits in our brain and how they get activated

  • How common story “triggers” related to Identity, Seeking, Certainty, Autonomy, Relationship and Equity create reactivity and what to do about it


Session 4 - Conducting Clear Conversations

This session brings together the skills and frameworks covered in Sessions 1-3 and focuses on preparing for, and managing difficult conversations.

Topics include:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to plan an effective “clear” conversation

  • How to invite the person into the conversation while reducing the chances of triggering a defensive reaction

  • Practical steps to manage the conversation

  • How to get agreement on the actions each person will take and what needs to happen to maintain the relationship.

Session 3 - Getting Curious About Their Stories

The focus of this session is on ways we can approach understanding the other person’s experience before we go into a difficult conversation.

Topics include:

  • How to adopt multiple perspectives (self, other and observer) to gain more ideas about what else could be going on so we have more to work with in the conversation

  • Unconscious biases that come into play

  • Simple steps to defuse reactivity when survival circuits are activated in the other person


Follow-up Sessions - free for 12 months

As part of the program package you will have 12-months access to follow up sessions in which you can share your challenges and learning and receive ongoing support to apply the skills and frameworks covered in the program. You must have completed all 4 workshop sessions to qualify.

The “Mastering Difficult Conversations” workshop gave me insights and tools to better conduct conversations when the stakes are high.
— Shai Haim, Chief Technology Officer at Campaign Monitor
The Mastering Difficult Conversations course has enabled me to have more of the challenging conversations than in the past, out of fear or anxiety I might have avoided. Having these conversations has helped develop greater self-awareness and understanding of what might be going on for the other, thereby enabling me to drop some of the unhelpful stories I might have had about them or myself. As a result, I have noticed how my relationships with those I have had these conversations with have deepened and how this has allowed for greater inner peace and connectedness in my life.
— Camille de Picot, Executive Coach, Sydney